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  2. Altitude Underperformance

My system won't get to it's targeted altitude, what do I do?

Quick Tips & Best Practices

If your system suddenly seems to be having issues with getting down to its targeted altitude. Please double check a few things. 

  • Keep all windows and doors to the targeted space completely closed unless your system was designed to oxygenate your entire suite (closets, bathrooms, etc). 
  • Any gaps or drafts to the outside world that weren't designed into the system need to be sealed and can greatly impact how your system performs. Oxygen likes to find its way out. 
  • Make sure you have allowed sufficient time for your system to get to its targeted altitude. 
  • Has anything changed in your home? Have you recently done any renovations, added fans (even air purification) or done any repairs to your HVAC?
    • As a reminder, any exchanges of air outside of the targeted space can prevent the system from working as expected. HVAC, ERV, HRV etc need to be carefully designed. Please consult with our team before making any changes to your targeted space. 
  • Please note that extreme weather events including wind may impact how air moves within (and out of) some homes and can temporarily impact your rooms ability to hold air/oxygen within it.