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How do I set up schedules or timers? (Controller installed before 2023)

Instructions for setting up timers on your controller.

To set the timers, you must click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Now you will see in the middle lower section of the screen, a button that says Setup Timers.

  •   First, change METERS to FEET by clicking the METERS button. And set the Target Altitude with the Plus or Minus buttons. (Unless Meters is your preferred unit of measure)
  •   Next, choose your days you wish to set the timers. Click where it says Sunday and more options will appear. Note that you can scroll down to find All Days or Week Days as an option. All Days is a popular option for this.
  •   Now click the RUN button then enter the time using the Plus or Minus buttons that are below where you chose the days. Note, this is in the 24 hr format. Example, to start the system at 4 pm you must enter the time of 1600.
  •   Click the Enter Values at the bottom and you should see that info populate by the days that you chose in the display on the left.
  •   Now Click the STDBY button, enter the time. Example 7 am is 700.
  •   Click Enter Values. You should see that information populate again in the display to the left.
  •   Check the info that you input and either Close and Save or Clear All to start over.

Once you Close and Save you will return the previous screen. There you will see in the lower left, a button that says Timer Inactive. Click that button. It should change to red and now read Timer Active. Your timers are now set up and active. Note, for the timers to work properly the time on your controller must be correct.

Please remember to turn this off if you plan to vacate your property for an extended period of time.  Press the Timer Active button in the lower left of the screen, then press the OFF button.