Explanation of the "Typical" ACT Project Invoice Process

While some engagements are unique, the invoicing for most ACT projects follows the methodology below.

The First Invoice

The first invoice you receive from ACT, is usually your Deposit invoice and is due within 14 days. This payment enables your ACT project manager to begin work on your project, assign inventory and materials, lock-in your installation date and complete other tasks as needed.

The Second Invoice

The second invoice represents the balance of your equipment and any applicable sales tax. It is typically sent during final project preparations and is due before installation commences. ACT is not able to install equipment that has not been paid for in advance.

The Third/Final Invoice

The last invoice represents the balance of your contract and includes the installation materials, labor and any other related items including room sealing work. This invoice is sent after the installation of your project is complete and is due within 14 days.

The Last Page of the Invoice

The last page of each invoice includes progress toward the total contracted value. You can see how much has been claimed to date and what remains. These amounts correspond to internal cost centers used by the ACT accounting department. Additionally, you might also see the amounts of any change orders, if applicable.

You will also see line items for Deposits and Deposits Credit. These line items are for internal accounting use to track your deposit and DO NOT impact the total amount of your contract (you will see the numbers total $0.00).

If you have any further questions about your invoice feel free to direct them to accounting@altitudecontrol.com.